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Photography: Finnegan’s Tavern

15 Jan

Just some freelance work for Finnegan’s Tavern on Liberty Street in Springfield, MA.  I am designing a website to promote their events and new menu!  Here’s a taste of some pictures I took to feature their new updates to the tavern!


Community Values

13 Jan

When taking a moment to evaluate my values within my community it took me longer then I would have hoped to see where my impact was.  Throughout our time in class and in conversations with friends I’ve found this to be an important issue within our generation.  Does one person matter?  Does our generation realize that if we all think of ourselves as just one-person, things are less likely to change in our favor?

There are many things that I feel go into making a strong community.  Not everyone has to have the same values per say, but at least a common interest of improving their own surroundings on their pursuit to happiness.

I feel we all benefit in different ways from being a part of a community, and we all must contribute our fair share to the bigger picture as well as to our own pursuit of happiness.  This sometimes means giving up something you want for the greater good for someone else.  I feel that until this past election my Continue reading