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Creating an Accountable You: A Look into Existentialism and Human Emotions

15 Jan

One of our biggest freedoms is the privilege of choice. Most people regard having choices as a good thing, although a limited or restricted choice can lead to discomfort and avoidance. In contrast, unlimited choice may lead to confusion and regret of different alternatives not taken. Every day we are faced with choices. Some are easy: what to watch on TV, what books we read, or saving a little of the money we’ve earned. Other choices can change the course of our lives: what friends we choose, who we date, if we will remain moral. Every choice we make will lead us on a different course. What we need to do is decide which path we want to take, and be prepared to accept the consequences. Few people these days choose to take responsibility of their actions and would rather blame everyone else when it’s time to accept the consequences. Being accountable for the outcome of our choices is a hard lesson to learn, but vital for our individual growth. Continue reading