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Consumption Ignorance: Food Marketing Creates Confusion for Generation Y

26 May


This study examines the relationship between food marketing and Generation Y’s consumer ignorance through an analysis of participant knowledge and advertising buzzwords.  Participants between the ages of 18 and 50 where chosen to answer questions regarding what they found healthy, whether they find nutritional labels useful and if they are able to choose which product was the healthier choice in a lineup.  Interview participants were asked in-depth questions as to if they knew what nutritional values their purchased products had by looking at only the front cover of the food products package.  A content analysis was conducted to see how often food marketing buzzwords were broadcasted through advertisements in shows popularly watched by America’s Generation Y population.  Most of Generation Y was found to be generally aware of what was healthy, as well as what buzzwords are used to deceive them but still cared to purchase them.  The research concludes that food product marketing left Generation Y participants unsure of whether their purchases were the right ones, and were unable to accurately decipher what nutritional values a product offers them.

Keywords: Food Marketing, Advertising, Generation Y, Generation X, Nutrition, Buzzwords

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