Consumption Ignorance: Food Marketing Creates Confusion for Generation Y

26 May


This study examines the relationship between food marketing and Generation Y’s consumer ignorance through an analysis of participant knowledge and advertising buzzwords.  Participants between the ages of 18 and 50 where chosen to answer questions regarding what they found healthy, whether they find nutritional labels useful and if they are able to choose which product was the healthier choice in a lineup.  Interview participants were asked in-depth questions as to if they knew what nutritional values their purchased products had by looking at only the front cover of the food products package.  A content analysis was conducted to see how often food marketing buzzwords were broadcasted through advertisements in shows popularly watched by America’s Generation Y population.  Most of Generation Y was found to be generally aware of what was healthy, as well as what buzzwords are used to deceive them but still cared to purchase them.  The research concludes that food product marketing left Generation Y participants unsure of whether their purchases were the right ones, and were unable to accurately decipher what nutritional values a product offers them.

Keywords: Food Marketing, Advertising, Generation Y, Generation X, Nutrition, Buzzwords

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Photography: Finnegan’s Tavern

15 Jan

Just some freelance work for Finnegan’s Tavern on Liberty Street in Springfield, MA.  I am designing a website to promote their events and new menu!  Here’s a taste of some pictures I took to feature their new updates to the tavern!

Creating an Accountable You: A Look into Existentialism and Human Emotions

15 Jan

One of our biggest freedoms is the privilege of choice. Most people regard having choices as a good thing, although a limited or restricted choice can lead to discomfort and avoidance. In contrast, unlimited choice may lead to confusion and regret of different alternatives not taken. Every day we are faced with choices. Some are easy: what to watch on TV, what books we read, or saving a little of the money we’ve earned. Other choices can change the course of our lives: what friends we choose, who we date, if we will remain moral. Every choice we make will lead us on a different course. What we need to do is decide which path we want to take, and be prepared to accept the consequences. Few people these days choose to take responsibility of their actions and would rather blame everyone else when it’s time to accept the consequences. Being accountable for the outcome of our choices is a hard lesson to learn, but vital for our individual growth. Continue reading

Community Values

13 Jan

When taking a moment to evaluate my values within my community it took me longer then I would have hoped to see where my impact was.  Throughout our time in class and in conversations with friends I’ve found this to be an important issue within our generation.  Does one person matter?  Does our generation realize that if we all think of ourselves as just one-person, things are less likely to change in our favor?

There are many things that I feel go into making a strong community.  Not everyone has to have the same values per say, but at least a common interest of improving their own surroundings on their pursuit to happiness.

I feel we all benefit in different ways from being a part of a community, and we all must contribute our fair share to the bigger picture as well as to our own pursuit of happiness.  This sometimes means giving up something you want for the greater good for someone else.  I feel that until this past election my Continue reading

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My…My night with the scene kids

13 Jan

On one of the warmest fall nights of November I was asked to accompany a friend to see one of his favorite bands perform at Pearl Street in Northampton.  I definitely did not know what I was in for.  Tickets had sold out online, but were also going to be sold at the door for a limited number of guests.  After standing in line for two hours with some of their biggest fans, I felt compelled to write about my experiences posing as one of them.

My friend Jim was bringing along his sister Sarah who is in high school.  Both big fans and familiar with their music, I was much the outsider.  We made the drive up to Northampton debating if we would be able to sit and eat, or if we would have to send someone to grab us a quick bite.  We parked the car and headed on our way down to Pearl Street.

A sketchy van was parked outside the side door of the building, and there were people carrying their music equipment into the club. I wondered if it was members of the opening band.  You could hear music pouring out of the open doors and windows; it was almost as if we were having our own special hearing before anyone else had the opportunity.  We were happy to see that no one was waiting in line and decided to sit and have dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Forty-five minutes later we walked back to Pearl Street to see a line forming.  Luckily, there were only ten people in front of us. Within Ten minutes, the line already stretched around the corner. Continue reading

Privacy in a Information Driven World

30 Dec

In the Internet world today there is one company that is becoming synonymous with it; that corporation is Google.  Now a household name, with statements to “just go Google it!” it is by far the number one search engine on the World Wide Web.  That being said, many do not realize just how much Google affects their daily life and can expose the little anonymity they thought they once had.  The United States Fourth Amendment protects our right “to be secure in their persons, house, papers, and affects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…” but with no fine lined Cyber Law, our privacy is shafted.

Whether it is Google’s use of HTTP cookies or their revealing images through their map service, Google has access to more information then we ever imagined it could.  The first thought of the word “cookie” might make one think of a treat to enjoy while relaxing, but in the World Wide Web it is the furthest thing from it.  A HTTP cookie is a small piece of text stored on a computer by a web browser.  This text contains bits of the user’s data including shopping cart contents, user preferences, as well as tracking all of their web browsing habits (“Google, Privacy.”, 2007).   Since most web pages are accessed through a search engine, it only makes sense that Google has the most access to a users web habits as a whole.

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Media Analysis – To the 5 Boroughs

23 Dec

Media Analysis: Beastie Boys – To the 5 Boroughs

Straight from the streets of New York City, the Beastie Boys were always after the audience’s attention. Although they started as a hardcore punk group, they transformed five years later into the popular hip-hop group we know and love today. In their earlier ears as a hip-hop group they stirred more controversy then activism towards the greater good, but later reverted to expressing their ideological values. The Beastie Boys are popularly known for catching an audience’s ear with their eclectic use of catchy lyrics, sampled beats and pop culture references (Beastie Boys, Wikipedia). In building these connections, the Beastie Boys found a way to spread their message along to whoever would listen.

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